Nature Indifference


I see the untamed trees.
Lush and verdant under blue white skies
Thriving and alive.
Beauty that hides the devious force
Of a scourge from hell that stalks and walks,
crisscrossing our paths.
A starving hawk that picks and pecks out lives.
Behind the world' beauty, the covid evil gloats,
as tears of pain flow from eyes wide above the mask
That cloaks and close all smiles

Birds continue their song
Rivers flow along.
Rains come down.
Wind blows all around.
The sun comes up.
The sun goes down.
The air is fresh and strong.
Is there nothing wrong?

Oh you malicious, craven, brutal beast.
You evil covid thing.
Go away unwelcomed one. Leave I say
Do not stay.
This world is God's and now we pray.

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