Nature is sick

She wanted to play hide and seek,
hiding in nature.
While she hides I am always busy finding her.
But when our eyes meets she blushes for a brief
seconds and then she would run to hide.
Making me run along her side.

I followed her in the big rose garden
Where she lies on the ground.
Her long green gown and the rose Crown
on her head making her look like a forest queen.
Trying to hide desperately by camouflaging with
the meadow not to be seen.
But my eyes have spotted her as a naughty
sunlight shone on her skin.
And she giggled like a child forgetting she
that now she is an adult.

Then she would run towards the deep blue sea,
Sailing with the waves.
Her gown now blue and crown of seashells,
looking like a sea princess or what others think .
Trying to hide desperately by camouflaging with
the blue sea.
But my eyes spotted her again as a school of
fishes played around her making a ring.
She played with the fishes like the kid she is.

She again ran towards the mountains ,
hiking her way up.
Her gown is deep brown with diamonds and rubies,
as her crown.
She acting like a mountain princess with serious
face and a big frown.
Trying to hide desperately by camouflaging with
the brown mountain.
But my eyes spotted her again as variety of birds
flew around her playing with her hair.
She giggled like a child forgetting all of her fear.

Then she ran towards the big fields ,
Cultivating seeds on the soil.
Her dress ordinary , with rough hair she
looking like a farmer girl.
Trying to hide desperately by mixing together
with the farmers.
But my eyes spotted her as a bunch of kids
Sat around her and she happily fed them.

My playful girl who used to run , sail with the sea
waves are severely sick.
She wants to do everything she did earlier but
She is too weak.
Her hairs are sticky with petroleum , her breath
are heavy with dark smoke.
Her skin has scare , multiple injuries she bore ,
my nature has lost its charms.
And I don't know how to help her anymore.
She can't play her favorite game cause she don't know
how to hide in walls.
I request you to help me heal her , give her
a helping hand.
And she you send you loads more that I can
Promise you as her friend.

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This Poems Story

Its a story about how nature gave us so much but we in return just hurt her by its to remind us all that nature is precious and we must save her.