Nature of Life

For over nineteen year of living in this world
i have come to realize how life is.

this is what i have come to notice which is, if you
love something and it goes away if it doesnt
come back it was never yours in the first place.

live life in the present and make it so beautiful
it will be worth remembering, "live is lived
forward but can be only understood backward".

fall in love or fall in hate get inspired
or be despressed, ace a test or flunk
a class speak the truth or lie.

cheat or dance on the table or sit in
the corner , life is a divine chaos
embrace it forgive yourself
breathe and enjoy the ride.

Iam the author of my own life but
unfortunately iam writtin in pen
and cant erase my mistake.
the heart may freeze or it can burn, the
pain will ease if we can learn to move on.

and finally if you wake up tommorow, if
today was your last day on earth, would
you be proud of what you
have done.

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