Nature of Man

The winds blow in returning from hell.
They whisper dark truths in untold detail.
Breathing reality too harsh for most men.
Thoughts that haunt even souls in amends.

What is this terror that lies from within?
Whether innate or preventable sin,
The horrible fact is that we are to blame
For all the destruction, for all of the shame.

There are no outside forces at play.
The evil is in us and there it will stay.
Denial of such is a mortal mistake,
It fosters ideals inherently fake.

Man can be good and don't you forget.
We share and we give with little regret.
But is not the opposite also a fact.
Is ruthless greed not part of our act?

Our nature is such that duality lies
Though abhorrence and wickedness rarely apply.
But monsters and men are one and the same
The difference is merely the opportune aim

The point I make is as simple as this
Before you make judgments and blindly dismiss
Remember you too can be horribly vile
But surely not least for a while.

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