Nature we question.

Where do stars go to,
when they break apart from the skies.
And where does sunlight sleep during the night-time?

Do you think birds too miss their homes,
While they are flying the endless sky.

A river flows into the ocean,
but where must an ocean flow into, when alone?

Do you know they don't call fallen stars, stars,
They call them dust, dust falling from the skies.
But, doesn't dust give birth to trees?

Why do the trees-root hold onto the ground so tight?
Do they, like you and I, like holding onto someone?
Is that why, you and I, hold onto the memories of us so tight?
Maybe our memories too, give birth to flowers.

Do you know why lovers inscribe promises on tree trunks?
And where do these sobbing promises wander to, when broken?

Maybe people leave behind habits too,
And when that happens, what must they inscribe on trees?

Do you know, such trees give birth to poems like this.

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