Natures Balance

The powers that be
Now the power of three
Divided all nature
Sky, land, and sea

The blood flow of earth
Heat source of nature
Dominant in strength
Of which no force greater

Appeared first, the youngest creator
At this, Hell surrendered forces
Awarded her humbly for fear
Of nature’s reinforcements

She, Weapon of manifestation
By nature’s own design
The goddess and guardian
Eye of the other side

She hunts, in her right
Burns down, sets ablaze
No Evil force dare not bow
To Ruby, mother of flames

In seconds she sparked
The universe we know
An explosion of heat
By her hand, limit unknown

Molding and forging
Planets galaxies stars
Sourced of her heat
Breathtaking infernos afar

Molded by nature
Energy, dream thought
An architect with magic
Magic felt, we see not

An umbilical cord unites
Ethereal light roots earth
Second nature to flowers
Humanity lost and learned

Roots that bridge all life
Felt of believers
Filters out darkness
Recycled light returns

Required of nature
To survive our pollution
Constant recycling
Giving life for attention

A flower still looks up
Smiles for your love
Even after being cut
Until soul flies above

Sprouts whisper to their mother
Their first and only known
She whispers through pathways
Roots receive energy flow

This creators battle
The balance of the earth
Dark fertilizer light growth
Secret gardens returned

Green life earth grows
For us painted with color
Flourished by love
Of Emerald, earths mother

The ocean the breeze
The stars the trees
The spark of creation
Of all life, the key

All the eye meets
Every place every day
Dreamt up by nature
Exists by this phase

Every element all life
Born of ice and fire
Created the universe
Her origins prior

Ingredient in all life
From seed to the sun
The energy of water
Sapphire, a hidden sun

Creation allowed
For love to evolve
Natures gift to creation
Around purity would revolve

The purest star, was our sun
Chose a place in the sky
The creator placed a seed
Our Sun, fertilized

Our planet now mother
As she carries Love child
Of creator and sun
Beginning the wild

Carries love child softly
Forms oceans as lullaby’s
Evolves beings to protect
Creating immunities inside

By instructions implanted
In conception of earth
Creator’s live was given
Inside, a creator rebirth

A magnetic field pulls
All particles spread across
Until time one day dawns
A completed puzzle lost

Revealing creators image
As was at the start
As the seed that was planted
A love of ancient cost

The seed was creator’s life
Their last lesson was this
Plant your immortality as loves seed
What’s born, a soulmate’s kiss

After exploding into fragments
Spreading into seas
Your immortal skin, into land
And your blood, became green

Your bones became minerals
Your DNA life’s evolution
To create all this world
Without any destruction

The key to recreate you
And your perfect friend
In which with you to rule
In realities that never end

Like a computer, like the cloud
The memories enter back
Each cycle you relived
Each smile every fact

How you became creator
How your powers grew
You learned it all, and ended
Right here, and started new

Without the three
Life ends all over
The balance distracted
The secondhand, destroyer

Ruby molds the land
Keeps evil at bey
Darkness not always evil
Does as emerald states

Emerald judges balance
Wisest age unknown
Experienced by nature
Requires sapphires thrown

Sapphire inspects observes
Catches skies before they fall
Prevents the worlds extinction
No limits, abilities control all

When balance split in three
Three creators formed
Born with all wisdom
For earths child to form

Lastly the creator
By which three came
Surround them like wildfire
Protecting from hate

An army of spirits,
Countless beyond numbers
Of every soul ever crossed
A giant a big brother

Souls of every universe
In history’s creation
From every reality
All waiting for action

For an act of protection
Souls swarm any chance
For keys to creation
Awarded to brave acts

Forces undetectable
Technologies however advanced
And rain down on evil
Like a mother scorned, bad

With custom built prisons
Protect by ways unheard
For those who wish pain
On the mothers of earth


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