Silvery shimmer shining amidst the dark,
Soothing the soul when times are stark.
Unlike the sun, its light so subtle,
Yet for a moment, erasing all trouble.

Gazing at the moon, is like being before a goddess,
Surrendering to the peace, that only she can bless;
It’s our arrogance learning how we are so less,
In this vast universe, where stars are endless.

How life being so terribly transient,
Needs us to stay in the present;
Minutely requires our eternal attention,
To attain peace and truth, in every dimension.

It starts with recognizing the beauty,
In natural things we tend to ignore;
Finding silver lining even in nature’s fury,
And feeling, how this life gives so much more.

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Tags : nature, moon, beautiful, lovely, present, spirituality, goddess, universe, stars
Key Words : Silvery, soul, subtle, moon, bless, endless, stars, transient, eternal, silver lining

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