Nature’s Embrace

I stand on the deck and watch the inky waves against the rocky shore.
The sun set hours ago and the moon has risen to its full splendor.
The rhythm of the waves lulls me into a trance; nostalgic and mellow.
A soft breeze rustles through the trees, playing gently with my hair,
Wrapping its gentle arms about me.
The night enfolds me and calls to the darker part of my soul;
A part that has been boarded up to avoid the pain.
But in nature's safe embrace I am able to let the pain escape,
To fill my eyes with tears, my heart with grief, as I feel,
Feel the raw emotion.

The waves, the breeze, the moon, all stay constant,
Neither neglecting nor acknowledging that I am there
But instead allowing my pain to join them in their beauty.
For it is beauty to feel such pain. In order to feel the pain
One must have first felt such joy.

For a few moments the pain dances with nature and then is spent,
Ready to be put away for another time and place.
The waves lull, the breeze caresses, and the moon shows the way
To a brighter place. And I am soothed.
My heart can find comfort once again.

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