Natures Feelings

By Alexis   

Natures feelings

A little inspiration from the ice that coated one of my bushes in front of my house over the weekend...
Frozen in time. Still. Unmoved.
The trees are empty.
Leaves are dead, falling onto a hibernating ground.
Covering the ground as if it's a colorful blanket that Mother Nature carries around.
Made of dead leaves in colors of Red, orange, yellow and purple.
But even in the cold, it's still beautiful.
As the winds blows, our naked air givers sways but is never shaken.
And like everything else alive in life, it needs the sun to be awakened.
The warm sun is equivalent to God's love.
Sending warm kisses to my frozen face and I look up above.
And as if the trees can feel it, the ice starts to melt.
Dripping as if they are crying about the cards that they've been dealt.
But nevertheless, after the cold is gone.
Mother Nature smiles and starts putting her makeup back on.
Beautiful colorful flowers, green grass and the animals start singing galore.
God makes sure all his creations are cold no more.
Mother Nature isn't the only one who shares God's warm love, adieu..
His children are apart of his creation as well, me and you.
Just don't forget..
All of God's creations have feelings too..

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