Nature’s Grandeur

Breathing in the first chilled autumn breath
The skies once painted with a burning yellow
Now shades of rose
Laying on the cool grass
The scent of rusted leaves
The wind nuzzling each strand of hair as if to speak sweet nothings
The nights becoming longer while the day wanes
Illuminating the stars longer and longer

The bite of the gelid winter breeze caressing the skin
The cold nips the very tip of noses and rises through the nostrils
The frosty air nestles into warm lungs
After every blink frosted eyelashes hit warm cheeks
Like personal frozen stalagmites
Holding another set of cold hands
Trees shedding their leaves in anticipation for spring

The newly birthed leaves sprouting from frost bitten trunks
Grass returning to its natural viridescent state
All the animals leaving their winter homes
Newborn babes finding their ways through the fresh greenery
Experiencing the world with barely open eyes
The birth of innocence

Basking in all of nature's grandeur
You have to be in love with nature to understand

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