Nature's Hold

Everywhere I look I see the moon
Everywhere I look I see the sun
Everywhere I look I see you

I went outside, deep within the woods
Easily within mother nature's grasp
To find myself, instead I kept finding reminiscences of you
Your laughter, like a wildfire never wanting to be extinguished
Your beautiful smile that was as wide as a country mile
Those big, bright, brown, round eyes

I need to escape now
I need to forget now
To repress all remnants of you
To finally get away free

I can try and run, but I doubt I'll really ever escape you
In the lake,
In the tree's lifeless bark,
In the foliage of those towering giants
I can see your face in all of those things

But it's been many a year since I've seen that radiant smile
It's been hard these past years, but this year is the worst by far:
The 10th anniversary since you've passed

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