Nature’s Noose

As the clouds darken, and the rain begins to fall
Traveled and mud worn roads are my favorite to recall
The first steps of my journey were not so long
Before I met Death in a storm, that became my song
Life shifted that day
My first steps unalterable, forever that way

We wrap our lives into just wanting to be known
Hoping to survive this endless avalanche of snow
Hopes are constantly lost in this search for life
Death becomes a close friend, we sleep with at night
We use it as a blanket, makes us warm, and wraps us tight

Moved from that comfort by winds that have blown
Shakes us with a cold to the deepest bone
Speaking only when needed or as told
Softly I hear Death whisper "Never, will you be old."

Blinded as we were, I perceive the truth.
Claiming wisdom made us foolishly aloof.
Lost in the desire to be considered wise.
We truly lost all right to our lives.
So as Death used the storm in place of a noose.
As Death bore witness to our last breaths.
Frozen in eternity, are those very first steps.

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