Nature\'s show

The aroma of the purple tulips brings richness to the air.

The sweetness of the popsicle spills on my lips with flare.

The humble bees swift actions of extracting pollen.

The sweetened sap enwraps ants that have fallen.

The sun peeks out on the freshly cut green grass.

The squirrels pass on the paved streets with class.

The summer breeze sways pass me, as I sit down and feel with glee.

The radiant leaves eagerly fall from the oak tree.

The wind whistles in harmony and calls to me.

The elegant smell of maple syrup springs around the block.

The birds fly in the light blue sky as a flock.

The fall leaves fall on my head, as I doze off to bed.

The delicate snowflakes sink into the ground.

The flowers and plants fade into the background.

The chill bites my nose, as it turns tomato red.

The rounded hill is covered with young sleds.

The fireplace surrounds with children, glowing in delight.

The ghost stories are being said around with fright.

The winter snowflakes reach my house, as the cocoa is sipped by a mouse.

The beautiful birds fly in the sky side by side.

The attractive flowers bloom with pride.

The fresh raindrops hang from my hair.

The scent of fragrance overtakes the air.

The spring buds peak outside, as the scene is seen nationwide.

Nature’s show is truly a pleasure, and we must enjoy it like a treasure.

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This exquisite poem explores the richness and beauty of nature as a pleasing show full of wonders.