Nature\'s silent lesson

Bees go buzzing by my face
they’re too occupied to know i’m here,
and that Monarch just sat upon
a petal that’s growing near,
the chirping of distant birds
one can clearly hear,
they’re discussing life’s ins and outs
of the past and present year.

Cats play tag in the garden
goldfish wade in the pond
and a glossy tear,
that has no fear
must make one’s heart grow fond.

The serenity of nature’s melody
is always trying to tell us why...
yet we continue to always question
why we live and die.

So tell those you truly love
that you indeed do so,
set things straight
make things right
before it’s time to go.

for life continues to survive
as every generation must,
bequeathing heirlooms
of love and knowledge
before existence turns to dust.

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This Poems Story

I was lucky enough to study art for a semester in Europe. This poem was written in the last renaissance garden in Fiasole, Italy where we took our classes. Fiasole was a short bus ride from Fierenze (Florence), where we actually lived. When we would take a break between classes, many of us would walk through the gardens. Sometimes I liked to sit by myself and soak up Mother nature and my thoughts on life. The picture is of that garden which inspired this poem.