Nature’s Song

When she reached out her hand
To find what she sought
She came to face to face with Pan
The god of all needed to be taught
He took out his pipes and began to play
And took her hand as they danced and sang
Into the opus of smell, the flower bouquet
Where all of her worries began to disarray
The food of love was in the air
Not even the animals could resist its inviting tone
Are we the animal's heir
Or are they our clones?
Surely it couldn't be each
But could we live through each other?
Why limit it to just beasts?
What about the rest of nature?
As the animals around me came near
I realized at the heart of all my worry
Was a deep rooted fear
Of not being me
What if I amount to nothing?
What if I waste this life?
What if even my soul singing
Has no place here alive?
The pipes played on
And I realized that union with myself and Earth
And far beyond
Comes from Nature's singing verse
What keeps all thy love strong

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