“It’s nay here nor there,” they say
“Give it no heed, nor time of day!”
The tension’s so dense, easily sliced;
the day is as night, and so joyously diced.
But should the rain cease to fall from above
then all who care would forget how to love.
For if there's no pain
then what should we gain?
Trials are where we learn best from mistakes
and take into account all the fussing we make.
Turn not to glory for the deeds that you do
Good shows itself in our character too.
Don’t follow the mass on their way to the well!
We carry a gift that differs and tells
that those who go there await poison and grief
beneath the adorned disguise of relief.
Quench your thirst on something far greater
and don’t blind yourself to what happens later.

Choose your side now before it’s too late,
and beware the mass that will bring you towards fate!
Don’t mind what they say, they truly can’t know;
They’ve been blinded since long ago
by their choices and focus, they’ll die with a smile;
they say it’s more fun, but all the while
they do not know what awaits them there.
Ultimately they’ll be in despair.
You’ve been warned, I say.
Warned of what comes when the night is as day
and they crawl in their slime to take you away.
Don’t mind the laughing; you’ll have the last laugh!
Don’t mind the mocking, scorning and wrath.
What they see is unfriendly and dull;
you are small, but in beauty you’re tall.
Truth, love, and strength; that’s all that you’ll need,
for though some say “Nay!” I say that I see.

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