NBA Independent Draft Mr James Willhite

I Don't keep In contact with anybody in.. Town.. I spend my time at The Universities.. I'd been Accepted to working Independently.. as A Professional In Film... Television.. and Music Production.....I have not seen or heard from any of my classmates in 20 years or longer... I live very quietly..... I reside within The University living environment this is the longest I've been away from Campus...... I'm most recently an Independent Draft Pick for the Chicago Bulls... I've started my own team since then.. what's the point in playing for my own money ,,,I guess my goal should be to seek talented Individual's who need employment in Sport Entertainment... A link to my Ten Million Dollar Investment in the Chicago Bulls franchise is below along with my Gym Shoe.... commercial advertisement.... it's seems as if envious individuals in my surrounding are angry because I surpassed them Educationally as well as Financially ....They hospitalized me when I'd come home from college to visit during the Christmas season from Drake University in Des Moines Iowa .. The staff members at the Hospital giving me Injection shot that I didn't require... again I am a Child Sex Abuse Victim and often times they are treated very badly....I participated in multiple acts of sex Intercourse with Adult women as a Under Aged Boy... The staff members at the hospital told me.. I didn't have a right to see an African American Physician...with being a top recruit at multiple Universities for Business and Broadcast Entertainment it's obvious that... that's a violation of my rights......earlier years ago they told me that my cross relatives where cheating in the relationships that they where in and they wanted me institutionalized because I was aware of it....The other enlightenment is that the Individual's where trying to hospitalized / imprison or execute me in order to transfer my U.S Copyright Registrations for Personal Financial gain .....I live around mostly the Minority which consist of Latino's as well as Hispanic's... where they live below the poverty line......I'm one of the few who'd become Self Made from one's own work in Authorship something that's encouraged within the African American seem's as If the other's within my Social Class are not aware of the Profitability of Authorship ..... I'll assume that's why lot's of people reside in Prison or either Jail due to lack of Education'''' During the Civil Rights Movement and The Segregation that taking place in Southern Living Environment as well as the Racial Discrimination that very often times occur up North

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Link to my Ten Million Dollar Investment in the Chicago Bulls as well as my Gym Shoe Commercial Advertisement All Investments of a substantial amount go to or through the Internal Revenue Service also known as the Federal Government located at 1111 Constitution Avenue, Northwest Washington, D.C., U.S. I submitted all of my intangible asset audio video files to my financial institutions for liquidation to cover my debt expenses such as tuition and investments as well as my daily living expenses to (Woodforest National Bank) (U.S.Bank (Bank Of America) (Chase Bank) I work independently to cover my cost of living from my Networth or Asset Value ( I come from a skid row-low class living environment where certain individuals steal the assets of young African American men and use them to free criminals from prison.) as well as hypnotist and rob individuals for ownership of the businesses they invest in.) I\'m currently a student at the (University Of Illinois) working professional in broadcast entertainment form my private office space I Invest in the big 3 records companies with my authorship( as well as) multiple major brand name companies that have been around approx 100 years) I\'m an Independent owner not a contract performer (Universal Music Group) (Sony Music Entertainment) (Warner Music Group) one of my female sex partners as an underaged teenage boy was my Child.. Grandmother or Either someone who looks like her.... I had any recollection of being Involved with her sexually until.. I\'d become a resident at The University