Near Death

I woke up this morning, kiss my wife and then got out of bed.
Took a walk out on the balcony because the sunlight clears my head.
Inhaled the smell of fresh cut grass with trimmed palm trees and hedges.
Then went back in to find my wife cooking bacon with potato wedges.
Everything was going good, the kids was off to school.
My wife put on her swim suit and said come on honey lets go to the pool.
We jumped in the water splashing, smiling, laughing and playing games.
Screaming “MARCO POLO MARCO POLO” like that was both of our names.
We got out of the pool she took my hand and my towel to dry me off.
As I leaned in for a kiss, everything went white and I suddenly began to cough.
I passed out for a second from the pain I was feeling
Then woke up at my parents house just laughing and chilling.
What the hell happened, how did I get here and why was I feeling so bad?
Before I could ask questions I turned to my left and sitting right next to me was my dad.
A single tear came out my eye as we joked and laugh some more.
We laugh so hard time stood still, and to be honest I never been this happy before.
So we talked and talked and talked some more then laughed as the hours flew.
I told him about my goals, my dreams, my plans, my schemes and everything else in my life that was new.
He nodded his head as if he approved of the way my life was going.
He said he was proud of the man I’ve become and the potential I’m constantly showing.
Then he stood from his chair and reached out his hand as if he was saying goodbye.
I went to stand up, everything turned white and a voice said it’s not you’re time to die.
I felt a sharp pain across my chest. “CLEAR” the voice screamed.
“1/1000, 2/1000” could this all be something I dreamed.
“Mr. Patterson, Mr. Patterson” please try to open you’re eyes.
But all I could hear was the faint sound of Maya Angelo saying still I rise.
Then suddenly I saw a light so bright the sun would be ashamed.
“Doctor, Doctor” he stabilizing should we now give him something for pain?
That’s when I realized where I was and how blessed I really must be.
How I got here doesn’t even matter I’m just happy to be back to a family that truly loves me.

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