Ne’er thought

I am as of Pisces who cannot swim in the bottomless sea
—Like a star that forgot how to twinkle up in the sky
Yet, I am trying to be as like other could be

A gorilla–don't know how to climb a tree,
A bomb that cannot explode aloud
Just how I couldn't be me

I am like a worm wanting to flow and fly,
A turtle craving a rapid run
And ne'er pleased of what is me

I am a bird wishing to swim beyond the sea.
Supposed being you is near to my glee
Ne'er thought, I'd forget to be me

I was wanting to have a honey like a bee
But I'm only an ant beneath the land,
Ne'er be what a flying bee can be

I'm like a land wanting to be a beautiful sky,
—A lake wanting to be an ocean deep high
Just like how I didn't embrace me

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