I am anger.
I am hate.
I am pain.
I am greed.
I am every bad thought you have
And every horrid thing you’ve said.
I hurt people.
I do it for fun, for that icy chill I get.
Every day I wait, anticipate, the moment you will surrender.
It isn’t hard to fool you.
To make you feel something that isn’t there.
To make you insecure.
To make you irrational.
To make you go off the edge, the point of no return.
That is my goal.
What I strive for.
It is the reason I exist,
I am here to make you suffer.
You think I am sick
But I am you.
I am the worst part of you.
You are my owner but yet,
You are my victim.
You give me my power but how?
Because I feed off your brain.
I pick at you until you think of me,
And then I strike.
I will not hold back.
I will one day consume you,
Yet you continue to feed me
Nurture me,
Protect me.
You control me and yet you hand over your power.
Your sanity,
Your will,
Your intelligence.
To someone like me,
A lunatic,
A psychopath.
You know my intentions
But you still agree with me
Repeat after me
And the more and more
You mimic me
The more I devour your soul.
And I keep going,
Until nothing is left.
Until your are a mindless human,
With no power,
No self-control,
And you kill yourself, or worse
Someone else.
Have you guessed my name yet?
I am, Negativity.

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