What is it like to be left alone;
Unknown but claimed to love?
Shouting like a sunset spreading its wings-
Infecting the once blue genuine clouds
That lie there unable to protect themselves.
They wonder if it's worth it,
To try to resist the evil fiery fury flying toward them-the sun
People gaze at its beauty,
Envying the loving relationship
That the elements of the sky seem to have.
They think about themselves,
Not having the ability to emit this beauty,
Neglecting the struggle that this multicolored sunset endures
Behind its closed doors-the clouds
And the turquoise waves lack in originality compared to the sunset,
A different side to the constant madness.
They feel deserted but empty in a place they never were able to fill,
Without their selfish fatherly sun.
But, the day will come when they meet again,
Like it always does, to light up the sky
And bring back wonder to the world.

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