She never talked to me, nor responded to my greetings.
She is White and I am Black, Just a difference in color!
Bang! Bang! Bang! Came a noise on my door,
At first, I thought it was a mistake, Until I heard a feeble voice yelling
“I know you are home, please help me!”

And the voice went silent and dead as the dead night!
In trying to identify the voice, my nerves became frozen with fright,
Who can this be I asked myself as the voice came alive again,
Saying “Please save my life”!
It was unusual and scary to hear such a voice at the dead of night!
In Brevity I jerked up to see whom it was,
with Gun loaded for a battle and phone ready to call for help!
As I looked through the security hole, my bubbling heart melted like wax
On seeing a woman drenched in blood!
With weakened and wobbled heart, I called 911 for a help!
And in seconds, the gallant troops were at my door, fully equipped for war.!
For once, I opened my door to see clearly the yelling voice
And was shocked to see it was my unfriendly Neighbor calling for help!
Filled with pity and pain, my tears flowed uncontrollably like a river!
As I lost all emotional control!
It was not a time for questioning, Nor a time of recounting wrongs,
Her life is precious and must be saved!
With unusual strength in me, I gallantly lifted her up and rushed to the waiting ambulance
And unexpectedly, she slowly opened her eyes, gave me her feeble hands and murmured
Neighbours are Angels!
Cordelia Ekechi

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Life is simple if you understand its principles. Never look down on anybody in life . It is good to value relationships.