Neither Do I

She seemed so elegant, some would say stunning.
Then some could look my way and see nothing.
She smokes, with perfect pitched lips, exhales with ease.
She hides her pain until it's time to sleep.
As for me..? I'm a loner, can be quite the looker,
and oh so much fairer, but tall I do stand.
When everyone fades into their darkness,
she'll be here to take my hand.
We tell secrets, high on some shit.
Yeah, we tell secrets none the less.
She has soft features, I have wild intentions.
Damn, we could make a fine pair!
When I'm down, really drowning,
she reminds me life isn't always fair.
But it sure beats dying, sure as hell beats dying.
In her eyes I feel less like a man,
but more immortal.
So high up off the ground,
I try to sanctify this pedestal.
If love is like dying, I'll die twice over.
I'd rather be in love and in it existed
than to have never loved her.

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