People stare, at my confusing look.
Questioning every fine detail.
The way my body doesn't seem
to tell the story.
I never know what to say, or even know
how I feel.
Day to day I live the same battle, Not knowing
the way I want to appear to the world. Neither.
Days go by where id rather be hidden,
Hidden from the world and the life around me.
My body tells a story, that my mind can't connect to.
It tends to be difficult when you can't feel right,
you feel like everything around you is controlled,
While you're just floating along.Neither.
Theres times when I wish it was easy,
easy to identify the feelings.
Easy to control your identification.
But there's no easy way out.
Life Is scary and when you're questioned
about how you want to live yours..
It definitely makes it harder.
Neither. Both.
One or the other.
But at least im still Me.

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