inalienable, inimitable,
and inviolable sacrosanct
contentiously debated enshrined Constitution
ratified June 21, 1788

preceding hallmark Bill of Rights
(adopted effective December 15, 1791) rank
despite British Monarchy exerting, sans lanced
strong arm tactics in response to "FAKE prank

asserting original fledgling NON GMO,
gluten and msg free
thirteen American colonies
(with a great hee hoe)

severely itching for
(and declared) autonomy
from Britain with mojo
memorialized On July 2, 1776,

when Second Continental Congress,
(with more yes votes then no)
met in Philadelphia voting
unanimously, where this poe

whit notates historical
declaration of independence,
yet since Information Technology Revolution
trumps Founding Fathers (well nigh

almost two hundred
and fifty (CCL) year status quo
as into uncharted figurative waters
American Democracy doth row,

especially problematic to adapt
couched freedoms show
cased within storied
novel innovative though

now confounding, frustrating,
and immobilizing supposed call
ling on learned scholars
adept doctors at law,

resistant to brickbats
heaved by protesters with gall
or perhaps consulting
entertainers at Faneuil Hall,

how in tarnation can the tenets, rubric,
and precepts, sans seven score
and four plus orbitz ago
before advent of tele

communications companies
exhibited fiercely greedily
hungry indomitable up pall
ling monopolistic control,
via erecting a unscalable fire wall

authorized with an A okay by the FCC
Federal Communications Committee to glee
fully relinquish control
(blood) letting "Big Cable", thus

allowing, enabling, and promoting key
purrs of the Internet remain
under jurisdiction me
ning all content and applications
can willy nilly nee

i.e. be deliberately blocked as well
particular products or websites pre
venting unfettered access to thus re
choir ring every man, woman and child even three
yar olds to voice objection,
and take prescient action NOW!

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This Poems Story

the desiccation, irrigation, and obliteration of unfettered liberties that could be squelched asper accessing, creating, and/or entertaining gamboling interest thru the milieu of cyberspace.