Neuronal Death

You can see your suffering coming
Waking up in your own home not knowing where you are
Cognition slows to amnesia
Alzheimer's keeping your cerebrum locked up like Auschwitz
Memories become antiquated
Faces of family members fade like the last snow of winter
Your cortex crusts with protein cells like your brain is a quartz mine
Plaque spreads like gingivitis,
because you forgot how to brush your teeth
You watch yourself slip away without even knowing it
Everything confuses you
You don't know how to tie your shoes
Why are all your clothes blue
You never used to wear blue, you don't like blue
But blue was your favorite color
Even your family's agony, witnessing your abysmal descent into atrophy, puzzles you
Loved ones gather by your side to say goodbye
And you can't understand why all these strangers are surrounding you
With your last thought, because your body can't remember how to speak,
You think,
Who are all these people
Your beautiful eyes close
Remembered by those afraid of forgetting

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