Nevah Flinched!

Many battles have been fought But only the wrongdoers have lost,
any that have kept score see that evil must always pay the cost.
satan and his band marching around the world like hot steppers,
Can only lead to a fall when Jah's not the Leader or the Helper.
Soon Everyone will know that this truth is for real,
much to the surprise of the way a great many might feel.
Anybody that's met truth know the truth surely stays the course,
for All who've turned away would Be bettah to show some remorse.
The truth is Here and is not going no where fast,
It's gonna make wrong lose heart to discover only truth will last.
Nothing is hidden from the light not Man or His secrets truth will spot,
whenever the light shines always makes the guilty feel extremely Hot. Humans must come to their senses and let the truth come in,
the truth will nevah taste defeat Jah's truth can't But forever Win.
it is up to lost Mankind to take everything into account,
Before gettiing too deep in foolishness and the pains have to mount. Must work very hard to change these wrongs that have and are still being done,
for it shouldn't and must nevah Be said that this battle satan has won.
Though satan has battled he couldn't get every soul as he inched,
All the faithful belong to Almighty Jah must know and believe Jah Nevah Flinched! Amen

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