As I yell"Never", Never to be Broken.
Never deny the pride,Born of a lion.
Never weak, Never show fear in the face of adversity,
Never allow the powers that be to condemn me, Redemption...
To redeem is my salvation.
Never fall to my knees as I rise to the heights above kings,
For the breath I breathe Never ceases.
"I am a living GOD"
As i yell"Never", Never to be broken.
I am a prince, A african descendant,
Never in slave me, Never bring me death, Never blind me.
Never loose sight,
For I can see.
I can pierce the darkness with the living light of osiris.
Isis, As I bleed on the papyrus.
Never can you indoctrinate the mind of greatness.
As I yell"Never", Never to be broken.

Never conquer A nation of anger.
Never can you stop a riot of over coming ones plight,
Never bloke A movement by the youth against the oppressive machine.
Never control the panther from the black.
Never incarcerate me.
Never a complex.
For the thoughts are big when It comes to the conquest.
Never, As I yell"NEVER", Never to be broken.

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