How long is Never?
Is it supposed to be forever?
When I say; "Never again, Never ever or Never have,"
will I be cursed if I don't Never forever?

Is Never a promise when it's thrown out into the universe?
Is it fair to Never ever again?
How do I know if I Never did or Never have?
What if I Never...then I do?

When I said "Never!" It seemed so certain,at that time.
Is Never a Absolute, a Positive or a Negative?
After a time Never doesn't feel as powerful.
Is Never real? Is it possible I Never meant Never?

How do I convince myself I really meant Never?
Should I just say "Maybe Never?"
In the Thesaurus Never is: Absence of time, at no time,
on no occasion, never more.

If Never is an Absence of time; how long
should I hope Never to be?
I mean it...Never again
Well, Maybe...

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