Fragmented fossils scattered & tousled.
Destroyed uncontrollable elements.
Unfortunate Tragedy was sent.
Replicated skeletons displayed.
Fragile & frayed.
An unearthed discovery.
Arranged for everyone to see.
Hell beast creatures?
Museums main feature.

Will it be a cold day in hell?
Before I hear my own wedding bells?
When pigs fly?
Children might ask why.
As sure as mortals all die.
When justice isn't even tried.
When bribes are buyed.
When victims cry.
When nobody ever says "hi".
Who's child was taken?
It was I.
Everyone has their own lie.
They all want a piece of my birthday pie.
Never is forever.
Phone calls & even letters.
A stubborn end, to no beginning.
Evil sin, & selfish greed winning.
They wish innocence to cry & just die.
An end of joy for every girl & boy.
An end to happiness & love.
Hell below & heaven above.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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