Never after

But then the sun came out and the magic dissapeard behind the clouds and you decided you didn't like who we are now. So you grabbed an old book from on top of the shelf. You wanted to reread an old story when you were in love with someone else. You left me to keep writing on by myself. And then you remembered why you put that book down. But the damage was done there was no turning back now. My hand was cramping and my heart was bleeding. The tears wouldn't stop so I couldn't keep reading. We should have left it there. Set fire to the pages. But we were the heros in our love story. So we decided to save them. So we bought a blank book and sat down to write it together. We thought if we tried hard enough surely the sequel would be better. Our first was a love story but this one was different. What started out as magic was now just ugly and twisted. Like jeckel and Hyde we lost ourselves. Everytime we'd fight we'd become someone else. We were beauty and the beast but the beast didn't want to save her. And when she tried to break free he decided to cage her. And we should have stopped writing. Verbal abuse splattered the pages but we just had to keep trying. Happily ever after just ended in hate. And instead of pages my heart was the only thing left blank.

So I miss you the way you miss characters from your favorite book to read. Not enough to forget that some stories are just make believe.

Looking back now I think ours was written in invisible ink.

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