Never Again

She can't utter the words that she's longing to say,
For she's terrified that he'll do it again.
She gave him no reason to do what he did,
Though she makes up excuses for all of her men.

He comes home from work full of anger and hate.
She thinks, "Is this 'cause of me?"
He grabs her arm and strikes her face.
"Please stop, Please stop!" She cries with a plea.

She blames herself, it's all her fault.
There's nothing changing her mind, now.
She says she'll be better, better to him.
Or maybe she'll just leave, but how?

He says he's sorry, it won't happen again.
He loves her, doesn't she know?
For better, for worse, til' death do they part,
There is no reason for her to go.

Her heart is confused, her mind is a blur.
She doesn't know what to believe.
She packs her bags, says "Never Again,"
And opens the door to leave.

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