Never Back Down

Never back down when,
a friend in need suddenly,
becomes the friend you don't,
When you give them the world,
and all they do is twirled it,
back in your world.

Never back down when,
you show them love and,
all they do is show you,
Leave you standing in the,
middle of nowhere while they,
made it somewhere.

Never back down when,
you have trusted them with,
all your might.
But then they take that as,
a joke and your trust becomes

Never back down when,
yall been friends so long,
but now you see what they have

Never back down when,
they seem so nice but,
all they did was lie to your
You took care of them and,
gave them what they need but,
all they did was leave.

Never back down when,
you thought they was your
friend when really they was
doing it for pretend.
You think they cared all,
along when really they don't,
even matter if you was gone.

This is why i keep my circle,
small and never trust nobody,
but the ones that I'll love.

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