Never Believed In Love.

I never believed in love at first sight,
thought it was just a fairy tell children were told at night.
Then I met you and my mind was changed,
now I can't explain it or tell you just how I feel.
Just that my love for you is way more than real.
You are my first and last thought of the day,
and I hate every second that I am away.
Miss your eyes shining so bright and green,
I miss your smile even when your trying to be mean.
Miss your beautiful loving face. How you say negative things
about yourself is such a disgrace,
cause baby your beauty is beyond compare
and I just can't wait until I get there.
To wrap you up in my arms so tight and
hold and comfort you through out the night.
Waking up to your face every chance I can is a
dream come true for this once lonely man.
Nothing I would take in this world to give up
what I have with you girl.
I love you now and until the end of time and truly
am blessed to call you mine.
When your down and feeling blue just remember
this I will never stop loving you.
When I'm away over the road think of what you have waiting
for you each time I come home,
a heart with nothing but love for you.
Now that's a fairy tale thats not fiction but true.

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