Never Complain About The Hurdles In Life

Never complain about the struggles you face
For in them lies the chance to embrace
The challenges that come your way
Are meant to shape and to mould and to fray

For a mother, like a director, knows best
She gives the hardest roles to her best
The ones who can rise up and shine
And turn adversity into a line

So when life throws hurdles at your feet
Remember the strength you have to defeat
For your mother believes in you, you see
And she knows you're the best actor to be

So embrace the difficulties with grace
And show the world the smile on your face
For in every trial, there lies a chance
To prove your worth and to advance

So never complain about the hurdles in life
For they're simply a part of the strife
And with each challenge, you'll grow stronger still
Because a mother believes in her best actors, she always will.

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