Never Forget

Too many days have I frivolously spent -
and I am sure too many will pass the same.
But oh time-stricken soul of mine,
Never forget.

Never forget the flame that sparked
an inhabitable fire in my veins, that
with each passing day I will try to
fan brighter than before.

Never forget the moment that
inspired my heart to dream big dreams,
with jaw-dropping courage
that my ancestors before me would applaud.

Never forget the day I fell in love for the first time,
with myself, and suddenly knew the secret to happiness was
Not in materials, but verses of poetry, journal entries,
the ballet, late nights reading, and cheesecake.

Never forget the first time music tickled my ears,
and proceeded to teach
my soul to dance,
and how beautiful that dance was.

Never forget the determination that roared itself to life,
and turned my dreams into goals,
and turned me into the person
that could accomplish them.

Never forget that first real heartbreak,
the loss of a loved one that made it harder to breath in a world without them.
But taught me to love with such a ferocity that with time
Breathing became music, and my soul learned a new dance.

Never forget the day injustice introduced itself,
enforcing the seed of strength I had,
to plant deep into my heart,
and to grow into a strength I never could have imagined.

Never forget the mundane every day,
the result of contentment in repetitious actions
that will always lead back to the big questions.
And every time that I needed to go through that to learn my purpose again.

And if I remember the reason that I wrote this poem -
the reason that I decided to stop talking and start doing -
the reason that led to being the change I want to see in this world -

Whatever it was that led to the
Greatest change in my life
Well -
Never forget that either.

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This Poems Story

In living a repetitious life-style at times and with a soul that was starting to stir from lack of mobility I believe this came to me due to a meaningless day in my life that needed inspiration to move forward more.