Never Give Up

I believe in never giving up,
If success is what you desire,
Never give up keep on trying,
Put on the sweetest smile but no crying,
Never lose hope, always have faith,
Just have patience and your dreams will be true,
When things are wrong (which they sometimes will be,)
When the things you experience are harder than it seems,
You will live through your pain,
It will pass out, sooner or later and strength is what you will gain,
‘Never give up, Never give up’ this phrase is like my motto, my anthem,
My principle for life, because life is a beautiful struggle,
A struggle that will make you push harder,
That will motivate your soul to become brighter,

Don’t leave a cliffhanger in your story,
For one rule, one motto, one principle to follow in life,
Never give up always ends with something to look forward to,
Something that could set higher standards for you
Something greater for the patience but no less,
Something that you can say when you look back later with success,
‘I knew I was right the first time’,
Never giving up will end the story with a happily ever after,
The end!

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