Never Give Up

God, you know our lives has not been easy.
We all have our share of up's an down's.
Trial an tribulation they are plenty at times we don't
want to be around.But then you hear that sweet soft voice whispering
gently in your ear hold on my child never surrender.
so you tie a knot and hold on strong.
You know in God we are all winner's.
So never give up! never give in!
never surrender! never give up! never give
in! in God we are all winners!.
See i was dwelling in the belly of the beast in
the midst of destruction where i use to feast.
My God He sustain me
now im walking by faith an the love God give to me
is truly amazing. I once was lost but now am found was blind
but now i see. Yeah though i walk through the valley of the shadow of
God give us victory. So wipe your tears an dry your eyes
can't you see that God is by your side an when you feel
your world is falling apart God has the greatest gift
love straight to your heart. Wipe your tears my child don't
you cry can't you see that God is standing right by your side
i know sometimes this is a cruel world we live in so much
corruption so much sin. Never give up! never let go!
never give in never surrender!
Never give up never give in in God we are all winners.

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