Never good enough

The one that was never good enough.
Hidden in the shadows for years of near invisibility,
woken by hope that draws one in by some impossible dream.
Dashed aside again and again,
forgotten, ignored, refused, and unwanted.
Never worth the risk, never worth the time,
always the ghost of the one that you need,
the phantom that shadows you till you find what you covet.
Strung on by faith and determination,
held down by negativity and no explanation.
What is it that’s so horrible about these never good enough people…
apart from there broken spirits, there trust shattered and gone,
apart from their feelings that they will never ever belong.
What makes me this person so easy to trample,
the person who breaks the one that cry’s,
the very one you can’t seem to look in the eyes.
What has being good gotten me…
what has trying hard helped me overcome…
what has being a sweetheart ever done.
To change the way an invisible women decides to portray herself on the world,
what a waste she has managed how insufficient her attempts,
you’re not worth it we tell ourselves and sit back in the shadows.
Every attempt you make at finding your you
shall be vanquished into nonexistence, back to the person no one really ever knew.
The facade is broken, it’s raw and it’s real how can you overcome this drowning inside.

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