Never Good Enough

A base of foundation to make her skin flawless,
because anything else would be unnacceptable,
Two coats of mascara applied to each eye,
because otherwise she isn't noticeable,
A swipe of bronzer here and there,
because without it her face looks too fat.

Blush brushed on the cheeks,
because no one likes a girl who has no color,
One light application of eye shadow,
because if it were any heavier she'd look fake,
A bit of pink lipgloss,
because her lips must be ready for any boys who need them.

She puts on her lace panties,
and tries on her push up bra,
then she pulls on a skirt and a tight shirt,
That makes her look skinny,
At school during lunch,
she throws away her food,
because she's convinced one hundred is too much.

And even after all that,
Society tells her that she is not good enough and never will be,
so she cries herself to sleep and does the same thing the next day,
waiting for society to change it's mind.

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