Never Grow Tired

I’m going to be a dreamer tomorrow
For the world can do without me for at least one day
I’m going to be a dreamer tomorrow
For time can go on ticking without my golden haze
I’m going to be a dreamer tomorrow
Because life is better lived in just one day
A dreamer in the here and now lives her life for the rarest treats
Of beauty’s endless nature scenes
Of springtime’s endless rapture beams
I’m going to be a dreamer now
To quell my inmost urging thoughts
To receive what’s mine and not regret
The senseless minutes of basking and glowing in life’s renewing ways
Though others call me fool or dunce
I’ll not retreat from what’s my want
I’ll go toward the orange sky
And grasp the yellow hue of thine
Unseen, unheard and endless tie
The robust colours that call to me
The birds, the clouds, the water free
No worldly pull, no want of greed
No, nothing can beget my need
For I belong to what is made
In God’s own image, love and dade
He calls to me by night and day
To slough off what this world has bade
Fly free, fly spirited
Fly true, fly high
No ties that bind to earth, I die
No one knows the freedom thus
That calls to us from nature’s plus
If only we would heed the call
We’d not hold tight to a sinful pall
We’d run and play and not grow bored
Of childlike cheer and the nonsense horde
We’d frolic all the live long day
And never grow old or tired of play
We’d belong to Him
Who stills the night
We’d grow in love
And not fear the sight
Of endless feasting and no worrisome places
We’d find our solace in the most innocent faces
T’is our existence that He desires
To live in peace and never grow tired
Be light, be quiet
My soul, be still
Forever live inside His will

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