Never Let a Race Be a Tie

When asked what I want to be when I'm older I'll no longer be honest
Just to move in silence and secretly be modest
Write my wrongs yet speak none of them
Run away from my shame and forget where I'd come from
Not where I originated .. Not where I've been
Just my past that'll be kept close within
I run from no battle nor flee from any fight
I just keep my mouth shut until the time is right
Not to be cocky or appear conceited
Just because when doubted I'm still a cause to believe in
Wisdom is something that's needed in any situation
Never follow the crowd be the lead of the formation
Stand up to ur fear .. And stomp out ur pain
Pretend every tear you dropped was just as useless as rain
Don't dwell on things you simply can't change
I learned to not care and be proud of my name
That's what I decided to be the will of my life
Even when broken and ashamed to never let a race be a tie

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