Never Let Your Rainbows Fade Away

As the raindrops fall gently from the sky
A rainbow appears up on high
Capture this moment as hard as I try
Take in every color as they pass by
Believing for a minute
That you know where the other end lye

All of its colorful splendor
As it dances across the sky
Like a picture framed into my eyes
When the moment fills
With this wonderful glow
As it stretches out
With the most magical flow

Deep down inside we just seem to know
It's not possible to let this rainbow go
All the love it takes for one to grow
Before the rain slowly washes
All the rainbow colors below

As dawn meets a new day
Don't ever let your rainbows fade away
Keep all their wonders tucked away
For the next rainbow to come your way
For it’s God’s promise for a bright shiny day
That will soon be on its way
To bring all the rainbow colors back out to play

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When we catch a rainbow we must not let it go with all its magical glow. Makes it possible to just let all your hopes flow.So it lets us grow