Never Looking Back

All of these emotions are just to much to stand

At this point in my life I could care less about a friend

Or an ulterior motive holding out their fake helping hand

Everyone seems to be your friend when you have something that they need

But when it's your turn to need a friend they are nowhere to be found indeed

Most talk about others lives' knowing they are never getting anywhere in life themselves

Theirs is like an endless horror movie

Same beginning and end, same plot, same characters, same cards dealt

Just different drama daily, stagnant lives, belching drunk lies to whisper amongst their “friends”

So their own life doesn't have to remind them of their emptiness, lies, deceit and despair, that they themselves were at some point born in

Or that they don't even have it in them to make a successful life-long win

They make up problems with and about others to make it an eventful day, problems that aren't even really there, they just want to have something to say

Another soul floating in the air

With no direction, stability or true love

Your life and my life will never be able to compare

Yours like a crow with nowhere to go, looking for crumbs

My life a beautiful white dove in the air

Another day another dollar yet not too many even care

They are too busy looking for an easy way to get a dream, without standing up and taking in their own breath of successful air

The dumb will be used, the smart will walk away, the humble will understand it's just part of the game people play

You either choose to play or walk away

Looking to the sky each day, for a new way, knowing the Lord will deliver me one day

Leaving the old and dusty town behind will be the beginning of my beautiful life song serenade.

One day I can look back at my past and see the beautiful future with the pieces of the past for my kids that I made

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