Never Lost, Finally Found

I searched every corner looking for God.
I explored every church with a crucifix ,
all the yoga studios fumed with sage.
I inspected so many stars,
all the pews and cushioned seats.
I madly scanned every page of every Testament,
every memory I've ever owned.
I asked for him at the bar,
called his name at the edge of the cliff.
I looked in woods decorated with graffiti,
at the beach when it was so dark I couldn’t see the waves.
I cried for him on bended knees in front of coffins,
in my bed under the covers and my great-grandmother's crucifix.
I gave up on my search,
hunched over in the driver’s seat
crying with disappointment
with vodka tears in my eyes.
And that’s when he came to me,
when he finally showed his face.
So confused as to why the fuck I was crying,
unimpressed with my efforts.
He scolded me with knowledge
and consoled me with the God honest truth.
Why had a given so much time,
wasted so much time,
searching for someone who was never lost?

-I misplace everything.

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