Never Meant To Be

When I was little, watched you deny fear, pain, and shame
He was driven to the bottle, she a book with no name
Learned how to avoid talking and stuff my emotions down
Happy was the mask to wear while I walked around town

Deny you have feelings; don't touch, don't trust
To survive in this family, it's a must

Focus on the other ones and sacrifice your own needs
It's all part of the façade of how you do good deeds
Only remember the good times, while numbing all your pain
Don't forget to wear a smile, while hiding all the shame

The humiliation became too much for her to bear
She had to move on, even if they were still unaware
Her life had to be lived and some mistakes had to be made
She had to break free from the familial charade

Her emotions rose from the bottom and came pouring out
She wondered what life on the other side was about
She wandered aimlessly, not knowing who she had become
Somehow, she had lost it all underneath a wall of numb

She had to put the past behind and learn how to forgive
Had to drop the mask she wore and learn a new way to live
They try to tempt her and pull her back into the old game
But she has to fight to stay strong and avoid the blame

She glances back behind her with a big smile on her face
And announces this phrase without a hint of self-disgrace
So long co-dependency, we were never meant to be

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