Never Mind

We are taught our prejudices,

before we are taught about lies.

Roll it up in any religion,

to make it a sincere alibi.

Cultures and heritages....

people can't understand one another.

Never mind about the fact,

simply put.... we are all related brothers.

Now I'm not against God,

But I truly can't stand any religion.

People use them as a crutch, while

parasites in charge become fat pigeons.

So walls of belief are built....

around us, no other beliefs let in!

Never mind about the fact,

narrow minds cause man's sin.

But my dream of no religious

shackles.... I doubt will ever be.

Because of beliefs made into walls

by the parasites.... to feed on society.

God bless the young children,

who see the world so clear.

Never mind about the fact....

Their free thinking minds are saying,

"If we can't love one another, why would God put us here?"

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