Never More

She danced upon the windowsill as the sunshine upon her dress. As the diamonds reflected on the wall as if the stars were dancing. Oh, how she loved to dance. She would always wait for the little girl that would wind up her key. She then twirled and twirled to the music box that lies beneath her feet. She danced upon the windowsill with beauty upon her face, and her hair had flowers that were wrapped neatly in place. Her blue diamond dress was always so clean and her porcelain skin would shine and her eyes were always bright. Until one night as she was dreaming. And when she awoke she found herself in a cold dark place, as the smell of musk filled the room. She wondered what this place was. She was placed in a box among other things. She stood and looked into the darkness, and there against the wall stood an old toy rocking horse. She noticed it was broken and the straps were cracked that hung down upon his face. The old toy rocking horse was rusted and his colors have faded away. Then upon the floor, she saw another box that was there. She noticed the little stuffed-bears that once were new, but now all that covered them was the dust that grew. She saw a stack of books that once were read, but now they were no longer to be used. As the weeks went by then through the years her music box has now turned to rust, and her hair has become dull and now it carries the smells of musk. The flowers that were in her hair were faded away, most were now gone. Her blue diamond dress was torn and faded like the rest. Her eyes were not as bright as they use to be, and her porcelain skin has become dull over time, as the soot held her in place. Never more would the little girl wind up her key. Never more would she dance upon the windowsill. Never more would she hear her music box that lies beneath her feet. She would now sleep and dream of how it used to be. And when she awakes she would still remain in the box where she was placed. There in the darkness, she will forever remain among other things.
Written by Cindy Lou Wyman

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