never \"normal\"

By maddie   

I was always told I was different
maybe that's why im on meds
I got yelled at by my teachers
maddie your moving too much
maddie stop talking
maddie your being a distraction
I got yelled at for being reminded
too many times
maddie stop fidgeting
maddie stop bitting your nails
maddie pay attention
and after awhile
I taught myself to
calm down
stop talking
stop distracting
to pay attention
I taught myself to be someone else
I taught myself to be 'normal'
but I was normal
just not the normal they wanted

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Key Words : mental illness

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This Poems Story

growing up as a child with ADD/ADHD anxiety literally any mental illness we were always told we were \'different\' but its time to be reminded that just because we grew up with these mental illnesses doesn\'t make us different or not normal