Never Quit Never

I think I can, I think I can, like the little train that huffed and puffed along the track.
He wasn’t fast, that little engine just never looked back.
My track has gone in circles…once or twice jumping track. Just like that little engine, we knew we couldn’t look back.
Many the time we wondered why we even tried…
Quit just wasn’t a word that out of our mouth you heard.
We fear now we are close to our destination
not sure where that will be….
We’re losing steam it seems, more with each passing day, with yet so many places left to see.
Don’t waste time running around lost…
Another year has gone already the first frost…
Old Father Time was never a friend of mine…
Time for me to sleep and he was saying rise and shine!
I’m sure it would be better if you were friends and rested well each night.
Don’t spend your nights running from party to party with the Mad Hatter and crew.
If you do you will end up tired and blue, wondering as I do where the time flew.
I wouldn’t have had it any other way, maybe, I don’t know, it seems always waiting for what?
Now I don’t know, in the blink of an eye, it seems we now dream different dreams.
When I’m gone if I cross your mind go outside look straight up at the moon see if you can find that little dog barking and jumping over the moon.
Always my most loyal friend it’s only right that he’s right by my side. I hope my laughter will sprinkle down on you…so happy are we running, leaping, the little dog barking mama as we jump over the moon…………
By: Sue Lorance 11/13/2018

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